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ďCompassion is to suffer with, to have empathy with, and this includes joy and celebration, as well as sorrow.  It works from a strength borne out of a shared weakness and an awareness of the mutuality of us all.  Itís the bond between us and also with our animals and it includes grieving and tasting salt with our fellow men and women. 
Itís a way of life, the basis of community. 
Itís the way to treat all of life.Ē

Leo Bustad, DVM, PhD - founder of the Delta Society

Featured Pet PartnersTeam Page
On a regular basis we will feature a different team from the Therapy ARC group.  Along with information about the handler and pet, there will always be a true story of a particularly powerful visit experienced by this team and how their visitation is making a difference both in the lives of those they visit as well as in their own. 

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AKC's CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Testing
Prospective Pet Partners are encouraged to complete CGC testing prior to being evaluated as a Pet Partner. Follow this link for more details!


Therapy ARC now requires background check for all of our Volunteers. Click Here to read about this process.

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