In Memory

Ken BellKenneth Bell was Therapy ARC’s driving force from the organization’s inception. It was the dream of Kenneth and his good friend Dee Mathues to found a therapy animal program based in Middle Tennessee, and they did just that together. Kenneth was Therapy ARC’s head trainer from the beginning and retained that title until his untimely death on February 10, 2014. Kenneth eventually assumed the roles of Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors over the 14 years that he worked to build Therapy ARC into the organization that it is today. He has impacted more lives than can be counted with his visits to facilities, with his patience in teaching new handlers how to visit with their dogs, and with his willingness to share in the grief of others when they lost their beloved therapy animals. The only things that meant more to him than Therapy ARC were his beloved wife Nancy, his family–espcially his granddaughter Amy, his therapy dog Sam and all those who came before him, and his church which he never missed unless he was needed by Therapy ARC on Sunday morning. He was simply the best and will always be missed by those fortunate enough to have called him a friend.