Our Board Members

Smokey and VickiVicki Diestelkamp

Co-Chairman- Therapy ARC

Vicki Diestelkamp has been a Pet Partner with Therapy ARC since 2005 and has served on the training team and Board of Directors since 2006. Vicki and her pet partners have been active over the years in working with the Senior communities through the “Let’s Get Wagging!” program; focusing on children through Lovie’s Legacy; and do weekly visits to the Alive Hospice Residence in gratitude for their service to her Mom.

Vicki works with her Pet Partner Smokey, a beautiful Golden with a “tall, dark and handsome daddy” and Bayley, her Goldendoodle puppy and protege.

Brenda Dew, Ph.D.,

(Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, National Marriage and Family Supervisor, Licensed Evaluator for Pet Partners).

Brenda and Moses became Pet Partners in 2003 and volunteered at Alive Hospice and The Parthenon at Centennial Hospital. Moses died in 2004 and Daisy became Brenda’s new Pet Partner in 2005. Brenda and Daisy were awarded ( 2006) The Frist Humanitarian Award (HCA) for exemplary service to patients and to the healthcare community. Daisy also attended graduate school with Brenda for 10 years. After 10 and half years at the Parthenon Pavilion, Centennial Hospital and eight and half years at Alive Hospice Brenda retired Daisy November, 2015. Charlie is now Brenda’s partner and the two continue their work at the Parthenon Pavilion, Centennial Hospital. Brenda is an evaluator and also serves as a Board Member for Therapy ARC.

 W_My Millie GirlDonna Henley

Donna is an adjunct instructor at a local art college and Millie enjoys participating in agility, nose work, barn hunt, lots of sniffing in general, and pretty much anything that involves treats thanks to her hound dog genes, playing with people and other dogs and of course pets and belly rubs.

Donna has been a member of the board since 2016.