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COVID COCOON - Keeping your Team Member engaged and active

Us humans are all wanting to get back to our normals. But what about our furry friends? Have you been noticing them becoming bored? Acting out of the norm? Possibly disruptive?
Without their client visits we may need to compensate them in other ways. A few tidbits for interaction from our members to help keep your pet acclimated:

*Allow the neighborhood children to play with your pets.
*Take them to Home Depot, Lowes or other places that allow animals.
*Play hide and seek with treats/toys and have them search out and find.
*Place food/treats in a Snuffle Mat, puzzle games and boxes.
*Review “Hunger for Words” training on the web.
*This is also a good time to teach new tricks to your pet.


Ideas to help share your furry team member with the facilities you would visit in normal times. A few ideas from our members:

*Take a picture of your pet, write a few words and sign with a paw print. Then mail or drop off.
*Create a trading card with a photo of your pet and/or you and your pet for client distribution.
*Take pictures of you and your pet while holding a written paper/sign saying hello, sending hugs etc. and email to your Facility connection.
*Create a Pen Pal interaction with your dog and a client.
*For a fun twist create a video of your pet reading a short book. Or record your pet using the “My Talking Pet” App.


We are reviewing the continuance of our evaluations and training sessions in early 2021.
So stay tuned!!

Holidays and Your Fur Babies

How we all love these upcoming days of food, friends and family! All those irresistable smells, sights and tastes for us and yet not always the best thing for our pets. A few things to keep an eye out for that may tempt your pets.

*TOXIC FOODS – Those culinary masterpieces may contain ingredients that are poisonous to our pets. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, currents, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts and artificial sweetner like Xylitol.

*FATTY FOODS – Butter, meat drippings, gravies, and other fatty foods can inflame a pet’s pancreas (known as pancreatitis).

*OBSTRUCTIVE FOODS – Bones, corn cobs, twines (turkey trussing) may get stuck in the gut. Yeast Dough can dangerously expand the stomach.

*DECORATIONS – Floral arrangements may contain toxic flowers. Lillies are the most dangerous. Those fresh pine trees are beautiful but the water can be deadly. Candles may be accidently knocked over.

* REMIND children and guests not to give your pet any food but have fun, pet friendle treats available.

A little information to have close at hand ahould you need it:

* PET POISON HOTLINE at 1-800-213-6680

*ASPCA Toxic Plant list


Annual Howliday Party - Postponed