Training Program

Therapy ARC’s Training Program Consists of Five Steps

  1. Screening: All interested volunteers and their animal teammates first meet with members of our Training Team to determine if animal assisted activities/therapy (AAA/AAT) is right for them
  2. Handler’s Seminar:  A one day “humans only” workshop focused on the “what, where and why” of AAA/AAT. Includes a 2020 ITA Therapy Team Training Manual, guest speakers from area facilities and tips from current volunteers
  3. Team Practicum: Bring your animal for this one! This hands on portion of training lasts for one hour each on one night a week for five total weeks. Student teams role play real life visiting situations and practice for the final evaluation
  4. Evaluation: At the end of the five  week evening class, teams participate in a “final exam” which determines their readiness to begin volunteering in facility settings. Upon passing the evaluation, teams register with Intermountain Therapy Animals and receive two million dollar liability insurance.
  5. Ongoing Support: Registered teams receive regular requests from facilities and organizations seeking volunteers. All Therapy ARC teams are updated on organization activities and  are invited to several fun and educational volunteer events each year. Each team is encouraged to get involved  by assisting at future classes and evaluations, helping organize volunteer events and accepting leadership roles. Whenever possible, new teams are given the opportunity to shadow or be accompanied by current registered teams to help them get started

Cost: There is no cost for the screening. Once accepted for the training program, the cost is $180.00 and includes all portions listed above offered by Therapy ARC, including the seminar, practicum, evaluation and mentoring options. Registering with ITA is an additional $60.00, which is good for two years. Prospective teams are encouraged to complete a Canine Good Citizen class prior to beginning any therapy animal program.

Note:  Therapy ARC and ITA welcome dogs, cats, bunnies and other domestic animals.  Dogs should be approaching 18 months of age or older but under 10 years in order to qualify.  Service and registered EMS animals are not eligible.

For more information about our training program, contact us.