triumph-and-buddyTriumph is the animal half of the Pet Partner Team with Moe Moeller

Triumph’s Story: (as told by Moe)

It’s a story of Triumph, in more ways than one. Triumph is the name of a Siberian Husky found alone and helpless along the side of a country road in Adana, Turkey. Her back legs had been cut off.

Some caring individual, recognizing the spirit and determination to survive in Triumph’s piercing blue eyes, tenderly scooped her up and drove her to the nearest animal shelter.

There the husky met Renin and Armagan, who cleaned her up and nursed her back to health. Friends who knew of the Siberian Rescue Group got busy on the Internet searching worldwide for someone to rescue and permanently care for Triumph.

That’s when Coral from Pennsylvania, Belinda from Maryland and Marion “Moe” Moeller from Tennessee connected via cyberspace to bring Triumph to the United States. “I take dogs in dire need and who are usually due to be put down either because they have been severely abused physically or emotionally,” said Moeller, a canine massage therapist who knew she could help Triumph.

Tom Brady of Total Orthotic and Prosthetic Systems designed and constructed special prosthesis for this special dog. Soon Triumph was up and “running” !!

Triumph has the most gentle, pleasant, loving, grateful personality you could imagine. Triumph has a message to share with everyone,” said Moeller. “She has taught us about sharing, caring, dedication and that good people from all over the world working together for one common goal can accomplish great possibilities.”

redo-of-triumphTriumph’s human partner, Moe, recently had a call from a former customer of mine who remembered Triumph and her prosthesis and the fact that she was working towards becoming a Therapy Dog. Actually the former customer had to go through quite the effort to find Moe and Triumph since Moe had retired and was no longer at the business. But the new owners felt, under the circumstances. that it was OK to give Moe’s number for such a special request. His little 3 year old son had been in an accident and had to have a below knee amputation of his leg. His request was wanting to know if it was possible for Triumph to visit his son. Well, visit she did and was her usual loving self. The boy doesn’t have his prosthesis yet since he is still healing, but Triumph showed him her special “shoes” and how she can walk and told him he would be getting his special “shoes” soon. She also promised to come back when he gets them and they will take a walk together.

She received a new toy and a bag of treats for her visit. This is what this is all about – I think she had a lot of healing for the parents too. Triumph is trained as a dog, and listens patiently while Ryheem reads his new book to her.